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Viatom CheckMe Pro: This Isn't Science Fiction

viatom checkme pro
Source: Wellue

We've all seen the medical shows where a patient is hooked up to a ridiculous amount of wires all leading to one monitor. The monitor the camera zooms in on to show the heart rate of the patient. Now you can have the same diagnostic powers as the hospitals in a simple to use hand held pulse oximeter.

Viatom has packed all the medical technology once reserved for medical professionals into the CheckMe Pro. In addition to blood saturation levels, it measures pulse, ECG, blood pressure, and temperature. Plus it's a pedometer. All this information can be transferred wirelessly via bluetooth to your smartphone. Thus your data can easily be shared with your health care physician.

So how does it perform as a pulse oximeter? Accurately. This FDA cleared device has two means to obtain your blood saturation levels. The first is placing your finger on the unit itself. The second method, and most accurate, is with the attachable SpO2 sensor. This sensor slides over your finger and is generally used when taking longer reading.

man checking vitals checkme pro
Source: Wellue

The CheckMe Pro is able to measure blood saturation levels for up to ten hours. This is generally done while you sleep. It is a great way to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea or have snoring issues. Plus the ECG sensors can be attached as well for a comprehensive result. The more information you can provide to your health care physician the better they can diagnose your condition and treat it.

man sleeping viatom checkme pro
Source: Wellue

If you are looking for a FDA approved pulse oximeter that James Bond would be jealous of, then this hand size, medical dynamo is for you. With reviewers giving the Viatom CheckMe Pro a 4.7 star rating, no need to wait for the future when the technology is here today.

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