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Six Foods Kicking Banana's Potassium Butt

We all associate bananas with potassium. They pack around 358mg of potassium per 100g. Thus an average medium banana packs about 422mg of potassium. But there are foods ready to take the top banana spot. We list five foods with higher potassium than bananas.

Six Foods High In Potassium

Potatoes: Potatoes can vary in their potassium content. However, the average potato contains 421mg/100g of potassium. Meaning a medium baked potato has roughly 900mg of potassium.

Spinach: There's a reason Popeye liked his spinach. It whops a punch with 558mg of potassium per 100g. That's roughly three cups of raw spinach.

Avocado: This super food has another reason to be part of any healthy diet. An average sized avocado contains about 975mg of potassium. That equate to 485mg/100g.

Kidney Beans: 100g of cooked kidney beans contains about 405mg of potassium. Meaning an average serving of one cup (cooked) will net you roughly 717mg of potassium. If you're tough enough to eat them raw, then you'll get a megadose of 2500mg of potassium in one cup.

Sun Flower Seeds: These tasty snacks, minus the shell, pack about 491mg of potassium in 100g. That's about 658mg of potassium per cup.

Edamame: 100g of cooked edamame provides around 436mg of potassium. That's about 676mg of potassium in one cup.

These are just a few foods that surpass bananas when it comes to being potassium rich. Each one listed contains it's own vitamin and mineral profile as well as health benefits. Try to incorporate different sources of potassium rich foods in your diet for maximum benefit. These foods can help you achieve your recommended daily amount of 3500-4700mg of potassium.


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